The global fitness and wellness market is growing exponentially as more people invest in their health and wellbeing to enhance the quality of their lives. As the world’s largest sports, fitness, and wellness event, ISWS is the ideal platform to showcase your latest products and services, and expand your business in this multi-billion dollar industry.

For sports and wellness companies, the ISWS will provide powerful sales and marketing potential and increase brand awareness. It’s an ideal way connect with current and potential clients, discover the latest products on the market, and do business. The ISWS is also an ideal platform to meet professional seeking the latest developments and innovations in the sports sector and to promote training and education on the impact of sports in people’s lives.

  • Opportunity for local and international brands to showcase their latest products and innovative solutions to a global audience
  • Comprehensive gathering of international professionals to meet, buy and sell, and exchange knowledge
  • Ideal platform for businesses that wish to expand their horizons in this billion-dollar market
  • Strategic location of Dubai as a major international travel hub
  • A global stage to drive holistic health awareness and benefits though wellness and fitness

Fitness and health lovers from all over the globe will congregate in the exciting, modern metropolis of Dubai in March 2019 to exchange their expertise, experience, and ideas at what is set to be the largest and most comprehensive celebration of sports and wellness the world has ever seen. This is a fantastic opportunity to support awareness of holistic health and lifestyle in the region, and globally. Becoming part of this landmark event will afford impressive exposure and positive publicity for your brand and organisation.

There are three levels of sponsorship options: Strategic Sponsorship, Platinum Sponsorship, and Gold Sponsorship.

  • Health and fitness enthusiasts from all over the world
  • Sports management companies
  • Equipment suppliers and distributors
  • Wellness training centres
  • Health and Wellness centres
  • Fitness centres
  • Sports centres
  • Government organizations
  • Retailers
  • Hotels
  • Sports and fitness brands
  • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation professionals
  • Pharmacies
  • Sports and wellness publishers
  • Nutrition companies
  • Sports IT
  • Sports tourism companies

Many parallel events such as seminars, workshops, athlete performance discussions, activation programs, mobile networking events, receptions, etc. will take place at ISWS. Consultants and advisors will have the responsibility to organize the parallel conferences. They will develop agendas and themes for the seminars and source leading regional and global industry speakers to participate.